Website design process with Ultra Wordpress and how Daisy Webs manage project progress
  • February 08, 2022

The website needs to show the outstanding brand personality, bring a good experience to customers, from which businesses can reach more customers, products, and services through which will also be effectively promoted. But to do this requires a standard website design process from the concept stage to interface design and feature programming to create a stable and easy SEO optimized website.

The process of creating an extraordinary Ultra WordPress product

Through years of working with domestic and foreign partners, DaisyWebs understands that only when conducted according to a standard and unified Ultra WordPress Website design process that the service will become professional and more importantly, will be able to effectively control the quality of the service provided.

With DaisyWebs, having a standard process will help you create a standard Website
With DaisyWebs, having a standard process will help you create a standard Website

Step 1: Receive and analyze the function

We receive information from customers via the registration form or our Hotline: (+84)9437132223. With the desire to grasp the requirements as well as the orientation of the business in the most accurate way, both sides will have at least one or more discussions together, we look forward to:

  • Learn about your business' brand voice.
  • Define the target audience.
  • Market and competitor analysis.
  • Analyze sitemap, special features that customers want on Website.
  • Support, answer as well as advise you on the most suitable orientation in the process of standard SEO website design.

Based on the direct discussion with the business, our experts will analyze and make some comments as well as propose suitable design options. DaisyWebs always tries to support you to meet your needs in a comprehensive way with the most optimal solution.

Step 2: Brainstorm and Contract signing

From the proposed plan, we build the Proposal of the project including a detailed description of the features, sitemap, the interface of the Website and cost for each item, and a detailed Timeline, this document will be sent to you. The two parties will agree on the plan, sign the contract, and make a deposit.

To get a quality product, besides great tools, it also requires top personnel. The project manager will select the team of Programmers and Designers that are best suited for your project, then divide the work content for each person and the project will be implemented.

Step 3: Design the interface

With Ultra WordPress, we not only design based on the level and creativity of the Designer, the most important thing is the ability to understand the business and grasp the market. Thereby optimizing the "touchpoint" between market needs that businesses can meet, skillfully conveying brand messages to users through your Website. Customers can completely feedback an unlimited number of times to get the most perfect design for their business.

The design process will closely follow the brand identity, along with ensuring some necessary principles for SEO and UX-UI website optimization.

  • Tight navigation makes exploring the Website convenient
  • Eye-catching images with concise, easy-to-understand content
  • Using Correlated Color System
  • Consider minimalism in design
  • Compatible on all devices and browsers
  • Easily track and manage orders
We care about the user's
We care about the user's "WoW" experience from the first click

Step 4: Website programming

This is the stage of realizing the design into a complete Website. With an interface that follows the design absolutely, the Developer will simultaneously develop the features required by the customer, set up the elements on the website to optimize SEO, load speed, and Website compatibility on devices, browsers.

Step 5: Demo of editing testing (QA-QC)

After the programming phase, the Website will be uploaded to the demo server for testing. Here, the Tester will test all features and interfaces of the website with the approved initial design. This step, in addition to ensuring the stable operation of the website, creating a perfect user experience, and helping promptly fix detailed errors arising during the implementation process.

Important issues to prioritize include:

  • Mobile display interface
  • Compatibility on all Web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Search bar (Search bar)
  • Basic features (order, payment, email for advice, etc.)

Step 6: Launch, Handover and User Guide of the Website

After the Demo stage of editing and making sure everything works well, your Website will be officially launched. More than simply introducing your Website to people, you should have a clear launch schedule and the right communication plan. Simultaneously, the project will also be signed for acceptance and the customer will purchase the rest according to the contract.

Website administration training will take place, DaisyWebs will also provide detailed instruction documents in addition to maintaining customer support and answering questions through online means such as Zalo, Viber, Zoom, etc.

BBC America
BBC America

Step 7: Website maintenance

Website design is a continuous process that requires regular maintenance and upgrades in both content and appearance. No matter how detailed your website is designed, tested and edited, it does not mean that it will operate perfectly, while operating, there might be minor errors that need to be corrected. With a maintenance period from 6 months to 1 year after handing over the Website, you can rest assured because DaisyWebs staff is always ready to support timely work to ensure your website works stably and easily optimizes SEO with good indexing and fast loading speed.

Ultra WordPress - Things you need to know

Built upon WordPress platform

You may have heard hundreds of times that WordPress is the leading Content Management System (also known as CMS) in the world, dominates nearly 64.7% of websites globally, according to statistics from W3tech - corresponding to nearly 65 million Websites, providing the foundation for most major brands such as Mercedes Benz, MTV, Facebook, Reuters, CNN Blog, BBC America or The WallStreet Journal, etc. This fact has broken many notions that WordPress is only suitable for small, personal, and simple projects.

NASA is also a name not to be missed on this list
NASA is also a name not to be missed on this list

So what makes Wordpress the first choice for millions of programmers and designers around the world, or anyone who wants to own an actual Website?

  • Open source and completely free.
  • Continuously developed by a team of programmers around the world.
  • Huge plugin repository that integrates with Wordpress platform (Free Plugin ~ 40,000).
  • Easy to use: Intuitive interface, easy with drag and drop operations. You don't have to be a Web developer to build your own Website.
  • SEO Support: Integrating tools to make Website SEO easy and fast.
  • Multi-language: Supports up to 52 languages ​​(including Vietnamese).

Ultra Wordpress - Experience a completely different Website design universe

If you are in need of building a website but don't have the time or skills to design it yourself, then Ultra Wordpress is definitely the place for you. Basically, Ultra Wordpress is an ecosystem developed based on Wordpress, so besides inheriting the outstanding advantages of this platform, with the upgraded version developed and perfected by leading experts in the field of Website design and SEO, the super Ultra Wordpress product has completely changed the concept of a "lack of security" Wordpress website with outstanding SEO support, with a simple, intuitive and always on-trend design interface. Deliver the Wow experience to your customers from the very first "click".

Enjoy hot deals in 2021 with Ultra WordPress

Choosing Ultra Wordpress, not only can you immediately get a beautiful Website at a low cost, but you also get a full Premium package with a series of advanced features worth 10 times the cost of Website design:

  • 1-year free premium hosting
  • 100% Compatibility across devices
  • Top class data safety
  • Standard SEO Web structure, easy to top Google search
  • Meet UI-UX standards
  • Auto Chatbox Tool
  • Basic Digital Marketing Solution Consulting Package
  • Professional support team

To put it simply, Website design needs to strike a balance between form and functionality, build a search engine-friendly website, and optimize both appearance and content. Let DaisyWebs help you reach that perfect balance with our groundbreaking Ultra Wordpress platform and our team of top experts. More than 2600 businesses and individuals have accompanied DaisyWebs to create great taste Websites. And if you are still hesitating? Contact us immediately via our Hotline: (+84)943713223 to get your questions answered quickly and completely free!

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